Shorty after finishing a Scanner Sombre, I was reminded that the excellent people at Fullbright had released their follow up to Gone Home. I had picked up Tacoma on release and dived right in, but one thing lead to another and that first 20 mins was my last until now.

I reset the game as I had totally forgotten what I was doing and I am glad I did. Playing though this game from start to finish with only short periods in sessions was worth it.

While my review on steam was short and sweet, I will let it sum things up. I am looking forward to whatever is next from Fullbright.

Loved the story and atmosphere of this game. Excellent sound design, layout and controls. Loved the AR (Alternate Reality) process to work through the story. The whole empty station itself just oozes character, and tells you as much, if not more, about the people that lived in than the AR recordings.
Highly Recommended.