Interesting but uneven writing that got me hooked but by then end just had me clicking through to see the ending. The over all story was passable, but was massively let down by the ending. A voice over and some still pictures just left me kinda flat and disappointed, along with a number of interesting plot threads that never got explored.

The scope of the characters journey did capture my interest, and there were also a lot of smaller personal story moments that really packed a punch. But as with all these types of games, the biggest change from all your efforts is that the NPC's now stand over here instead of over there. Nothing much else changes with the biggest disspointing being that ending.

The gun play in the world felt satisfying, and I did enjoy how powerful using my non combat skills was. Though, having a high hack skill seemed kinda useless 99% of the time as there was little to hack. Lockpicking turned out to be a lot of fun for the options it opened up.

Exploration was a mixed bag, lots of interesting bits and pieces hidden around the world. But quite often you would only really be rewarded by trash loot or just and interesting visual with no interaction. There are even a number of "sealed" doors around the place that either nothing or lead to DLC but with no indication of such.

I found the perks available were pretty uninspired, which meant that when I was presented with the intersting option of taking flaw for one, I never felt the need or desire to do so.

I really just kept wanting and waiting for the story, my actions, and world to come together to show some sort of progress. To just really wow me with the difference that this unexpected hero was making, and it never quite happened. I know the story and the situation was purposfully bleak and filled with dark humour, but with nothing I was doing having any ultimate impact it just all felt kind of futile in the end.

I kept coming back for the solid threads of story there were there and the hope that it was going to all come together somehow. In the end I left feeling kinda apatehetic though having had enjoyed my time.