I finally found time to go back an play Scanner Sombre from Introversion Software. Their experimental game design, or "pallet cleanser" as I think they termed it in one of their YouTube videos, following many years working on Prison Architect.

They have since gone on to sell Prison Architect to another studio so that they could focus on something new without having to feel constant pressure to dip back into Prison Architect development. If  Scanner Sombre is a hint at the kind of creativity we might see from the studio in the future, I am excited to see what is next.

The following is my review of the game which I posted to steam right after completing it:

If you love the likes of Gone Home and Dear Ester then this is worth it. I loved the feeling the game gave me, its such a strange experience walking through the dark with only the scanner to light the way. I found myself lingering in caves trying to soak in details I couldn't quite see. The sound and music is spot on for the experience, I am definitely going to be giving the soundtrack a listen outside of the game.I loved the story, its portrayal through the cave and the shapes you unmask in the dark.As someone who is a bit of scaredy cat this game gave me goose bumps a few times just out of pure atmosphere, then later on when things start to get weird. But I love that in the end and was both surprised by and loved the ending.I know this game didn't get a lot of love, but I really hope it didn't put Introversion off making more experimental stuff like this, the world would be poorer for it.
Highly Recommended.